Do I need an appointment?
You do not need an appointment – just arrive at any desired testing station during working hours. Please use the registration form for the station so we can test you as fast as possible when you arrive, saving both your and our time.

What is the price of the test?
The price for a Rapid Antigen test is 100 kn per person on all of our testing stations, except the airport where the price is 150 kn.
The price for a PCR test is 700 kn per person.
Other prices may apply for certain events. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

How can I pay?
Cash payment is available at all of our testing stations all the time. Card payment is available at all stations, however due to technical issues it might not be available all the time. Please prepare beforehand and bring the exact amount of cash. Payment availability is subject to change without prior notice.

Can I get an invoice for my company?
We can issue invoices for your company, but only immediately on the testing site. We will not issue any invoices after testing, not will we amend any existing invoices afterwards. If you need a company invoice for your test please prepare all the relevant information (company name, VAT number, address, etc.) before arriving at the testing site.

How long do I have to wait for test results?
The results for a Rapid Antigen test will be issued to you within 15 minutes of taking the test. The results will be issued on paper and via e-mail if provided.
The results for a PCR test will be issued via e-mail and the time to receieve the results depends on the day, time and location the test is performed, but usually within 24-48 hrs. Please ask our staff on the testing station for detailed information.

I haven’t received my certificate on my e-mail?
Please check your spam folders for the certificate before contacting us.

Is the QR code on the certificate a COVID Passport?
The QR code on our certificate is not a COVID Passport. It is used for test verification and to prevent tampering and duplication of issued certificates. If scanned by most modern smartphones (photo app) it will lead to our webpage verifying the test results.

What is the sensitivity and specificity of your tests?
Our JoinStar Colloidal Gold Rapid Antigen tests have a COVID-19 sensitivity of 97.1% and COVID-19 specificity of 99.2%.

Can we get tested with our tests we brought?
We only issue certificates for tests performed with our own tests.

Can I cross the border/enter X country with your test certificate? What kind of test do I need?
Due to the complexity and the rapid changes of the rules regarding travel during the COVID-19 pandemic we can not provide immediate accurate answers. Please refer to the governments of the countries in question for accurate information.

Something on the certificate is wrong, can I get it changed?
During registration AND after the certificate is issued please immediately triple-check the accuracy of the data provided. We will do our best to fix any mistakes for valid certificates, expired certificates will not be changed.